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Is your child complaining of heel pain? Do they hobble or limp every time they play sport? Chances are they may be suffering from Severe’s disease – a common type of heel pain amongst active children and adolescents. So what exactly is it? Well in growing aged kids, the bones in the body can sometimes … Read more

Is the edge of your toenail extremely sore to even the slightest touch? Does brushing against it make you want to hit the roof? More than likely you may be suffering from an ingrown toenail, which can be very debilitating and can limit you from your daily activities.  An ingrown toenail (also known as onychocryptosis) … Read more

For some of us, getting out of bed in the morning can be a bit of a struggle at times. For those suffering with plantar fasciitis, there may be an extra reason, as those first few steps in the morning can be a bit of a nightmare! The bottoms of the heels and sometimes arches can … Read more