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Glossary of Terms


Movement of the foot away from the midline of the body

Achilles tendonitis

Pain at the back of the heel caused by an inflamed Achilles tendon


Movement of the foot towards the midline of the body

Ankle Sprain

The stretching or tearing of the ligaments of the ankle due to trauma. This can result in pain, inflammation and ankle instability.


Inflammation of the growth plate

Athlete’s foot

Fungal skin condition of the feet, also known as Tinea pedis


Fluid-filled skin lesion caused by friction or rubbing.

Bone spur

A bony outgrowth due to arthritic conditions or prolonged stress or rubbing over a bone.


An enlargement of the big toe joint which can be associated with pain. Also known as hallux valgus.


A thickening of the outer skin layer usually associated with friction and/ or rubbing.


A more localised area of hardened skin with a central keratin core, often found at the balls of the feet and tops of toes caused by friction and rubbing.


A system condition associated with increased blood sugar levels

Diabetic foot care

Preventative foot care to avoid complications in people with diabetes

Diabetic neuropathy

Damage to the nerves due to diabetes that results in abnormal sensation ( numbness, tingling, burning, pins and needles)


The upwards movement of the foot towards the shin


The outward twisting of the foot away from the midline of the body


A bone spur


skin cracks caused by excessive drying of skin