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Glossary of Terms

Fungal toenails

Dry, cracked and discoloured toenails caused by a fungal infection


The pattern of one’s walking

Gait analysis

Assessment and evaluation of one’s walking pattern which may be a contributing factor for foot, ankle and lower limb complications.


A fluid filled tissue mass usually attached to a tendon or tendon sheath


An inflammatory arthritic condition commonly affecting the big toe joint caused by elevated levels of uric acid in the blood.

Haglund’s deformity

A bony spur at the back of the heel


Big toe

Hallux limitus

The limited movement of the big toe joint restricting its ability to bend during walking

Hallux rigidus

A stiff big toe joint leading to an inability to bend the toe during walking.

Hallux valgus

The medical term for a bunion

Heel Spur

A bony outgrowth from the bottom or back of the heel bone

Ingrown Toenail

A painful nail condition where the edge of the nail digs or curls inwards towards the skin

Limb length discrepancy

A condition in which one leg is longer than the other


The long bones of the foot 1-5, position before the toes

Metatarsus adductus

A foot condition whereby the bones in the front half of the foot turn-in towards the midline of the body


inflammation of a nerve


An enlargement and thickening of a nerve, commonly affecting the nerves between the toe.


fungal infection of the nail